"I've always wanted a small family owned bakery, and I've finally seen my dream come true. I love the idea of a quaint and cozy bakery, always inviting and decorated for the holidays. I always pictured walking in the door, seeing a beautiful case and smelling the wonderful smell of fresh baked goods. I couldn't be more pleased with how the bakery has turned out!"

"I'm fortunate to be able to work with my family. My mother, Iris Cook, works full-time with me in the bakery (many of our recipes came from her mother), and my daughter helps whenever she can. I've even had to drag my poor husband up here to help in the evenings."

"We offer a large and ever-growing list of baked goods for you to choose from. We fill our cases with fresh cinnamon rolls, donuts, pecan rolls, cookies, and muffins daily, along with a variety of other goodies. You can also order anything off of the website at anytime. We specialize in birthday and special occasion cakes, and love working with people to create cakes for any interest and celebration."

"We're always trying out new recipes and ideas, and we love to take requests from our customers. We pride ourselves in always doing our best to meet your needs and working with you in all aspects of your order."
                                        -Brenda Huey, Owner-


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